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Human Resources (Federal/AGR)

Director of Human Resources â€¢ ​COL Jody-Mike Smith

The Human Resource Office (HRO) is a joint office that provides personnel, manpower management, and administrative support service for all federal full-time personnel programs. Our goal is to ensure that opportunities are provided to everyone, allowing them to reach the highest level of responsibility attainable by their own individual talents and diligence. We foster an environment that recognizes people as its most important resource. We encourage teamwork, constructive working relationships, and we strive to employ the best available management practices aimed for the continuous pursuit of excellence.

The HRO directorate has the dual status of serving as an advocate for the full-time soldier and as a partner with management in an effort to accomplish all missions assigned to the Mississippi National Guard.

1410 Riverside Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39202 

Phone: (601) 313-6295

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 5027
Jackson, Mississippi 39296-5027

Office Hours
Monday - 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday - 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  HRO Self Service

USAjobsPlease visit our careers site for all State, Federal (Technician), Active Guard Reserve (AGR), and 1SG/CSM Leadership vacancies as well as job assistance information.


Note: Mississippi National Guard has transitioned to USAJOBS to advertise technician vacancies

Key Features
  • Have a single source for managing and tracking job applications.
  • Receive timely feedback via email at multiple stages during the application process:
    • Initial acknowledgment of application package
    • Qualifications/referral notification
    • Non-selection notification
    • Create and store up to five resumes as well as required supporting documents in your USAJOBS Account
  • Be able to better demonstrate job specific qualifications by assessing yourself through the occupational questionnaire.
  • Submit a tailored resume for individual vacancies
  • Upload documents once and reuse them for future applications
Search Vacancies
  • Search listing of all current federal (technician) vacancies with a direct link to USAJOBS can be found on our careers site.
  • Search for all current federal civilian vacancies directly on USAJOBS at by clicking on "Job Search".
How to Apply
  • For each specific vacancy, instructions for submitting your application package can be found by clicking on "How to Apply".
  • You can easily start the application process by clicking on "Apply Online" from the job announcement.
  • Login or create your USAJOBS account.
  • Click on "Apply for this position now".
  • You will be directed to "Application Manager" and click on "Proceed with my Application".
  • Complete required information.

Chapter 01 - Basic Concepts and Definitions.pdf Open Menu

Chapter 02 - Merit Staffing Program (dtd 20180201)

Chapter 03 - Position Management Plan and Position Classification General Provisions

Chapter 04 - Absence Leave Program (dtd 20140601)

Chapter 05 - Technician Training

Chapter 05A - Annexes

Chapter 06 - Performance Management Program (dtd 20180201)

Chapter 07 - Standards of Conduct for Technicians

Chapter 07A - Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Action

Chapter 07B - Discipline and Adverse Action

Chapter 07C - Administrative Grievance System

Chapter 07D - Adverse Action Appeals Program

Chapter 08 - Technician Personnel Records and Files

Chapter 08A - Annexes

Chapter 09 - Pay Administration

Chapter 10 - Federal Employee's Compensation Program

Chapter 10A - Annexes

Chapter 11 - Personnel Management Evaluation

Chapter 12 - Equal Employment Opportunity

Chapter 13 - Incentive Awards Program

Chapter 14 - Labor-Management Relations

Chapter 15 - Retirement and Insurance


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1410 Riverside Drive

Jackson, MS 39232

(601) 313-6764