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1948-1995: "History of Army Aviation in Mississippi"

History of Army Aviation in MississippiEARLY HISTORY OF ARMY AVIATION (1861- 1948)

First recorded use of army aviation was for observation of enemy troops by hot air balloons in 1861.

The Army purchased its first airplane in 1909.

During World War Il, the Army had 89 balloon companies and 39 air squadrons.

In June 1942 the Army authorized two aircraft, two liaison pilots and one mechanic to each Artillery battalion and higher headquarters.

In 1943 the Army transferred about 2,000 liaison pilots to the Air Corps Commando units.

In 1945 the Army authorized the Cavalry, Infantry, Engineer, Armor and Tank Destroyer units the same organic aviation as the Artillery units.

In 1946 the Army purchased its first helicopters.

On July 26, 1947, Congress passed the National Security Act that changed the Army Air Corps to the U.S. Air Force, a separate branch of service.

The Act authorized the Army to create its own aviation program within ten specified mission assignments, and with a beginning inventory of only 250 light aircraft.

In February 1948, Mississippi initiated its first Army Aviation program at Grenada through the National Guard.


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