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1962: "The Oxford Incident"

Heraldic items reflect history, tradition, ideals, mission, and accomplishments. Army shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) and distinctive unit insignia (DUI) and Air Force emblems have been designed so that each is distinctive to the organization for which approved. All serve as identifying devices and contribute to unit cohesiveness.

The heraldic items displayed below are authorized for Mississippi Army and Air National Guard units by Major Subordinate Command (then numerically within the command), as well as organizations subordinate to the Mississippi Military Department.

Army National Guard (ARNG) units may have: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI), their shoulder patch; Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI), their unit crest; Organizational Colors, the flag for battalion and higher units; and Coat of Arms (CoA) for Regimental elements that are used in the design of organizational colors.

Each image is a right-click downloadable transparent .gif. To obtain vector graphics, email the command historian.

  • 22 Sept 16: Added 210 FI BN authorizations
  • 25 Jan 16: Added MSARNG split-state aviation authorizations under 66 TC​
  • 13 May 15: Added MS Magnolia Gold
  • 12 May 15: Added missing authorizations within 155 ABCT as well as traditional/special designations​
  • 10 Feb 15: Moved 47 CST and 102 MPAD beneath 66 TC
  • 18 Oct 13: Corrected TAG authorization to wear ARNG Garrison Command SSI/DUI
  • 17 Oct 13: Added separate BN flags for the 185 AV REG
  • 10 Oct 13: Added authorization for Det. 16 OSA
Image Use Policy

The images of all badges, insignia, decorations and medals on this web site are protected by Title 18, United States Code, Section 704 and the Code of Federal Regulations (32 CFR, Part 507). Permission to use these images for commercial purposes must be obtained prior to their use. Contact the MSNG Command Historian for additional information.


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