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The Mississippi National Guard Outreach Services Program is dedicated to providing essential statewide services and dedicated resources to improve the quality of life for our Service Members and their Families during all phases of military service. The designated resources of Outreach Services enhance the Readiness, Resiliency, Retention, and Recruitment of Service Members and their Families while providing necessary assistance in times of need to strengthen the partnership among Commands, Service Members, Families and Communities.

Outreach Services implements the following programs to ensure readiness throughout the Mississippi National Guard: Family Readiness, Family Assistance, Child and Youth Services, Strong Bonds, Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response Program, Resiliency/ Risk Reduction/Suicide Prevention, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration, Employment Outreach, Education Services, Casualty Assistance, Military Funeral Honors, Transition Assistance and Survivor Outreach Services.

Direct Contacts

Outreach Services Manager
Phone: (769) 572-0985


1410 Riverside Drive

Jackson, MS 39232

(601) 313-6764