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G3 β€’ Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (DCSOPS)

​The G3 directorate provides operations, training and planning to Mississippi National Guard. Our mission is to provide trained, ready, soldiers and airmen to support National and state requirements here and abroad. The directorate includes the G5- (Planning) and G7 (Joint Training). Although a Joint Directorate, it is also the Army Component G3 section with authority over Training, Readiness and Mobilization activities for MSARNG units. The directorate also has staff oversight of the 154th Regional Training Site.

  Serious Incident Report
​There is one method of reporting:
  1. Attach Serious Incident Report (SIR) Form to an email and send it to  

Joint Operations Center (JOC)
Phone: (601) 313-6193
Fax: (601) 313-6260


1410 Riverside Drive

Jackson, MS 39232

(601) 313-6764