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1951-53: Korean War

1962: "The Oxford Incident"

Approximately 74,803 Mississippians served in the Armed Forces of the United States in Korea from 1951-1953. Mississippi lost 461 men, and 77 of those remain unaccounted. The Department of Veterans Affairs, through the Veteran Population Model, show that 21,551 living Korean Era Veterans remain in Mississippi (as of December 2013).

Of the 6,515 Mississippi Guardsmen mobilized, approximately 60 percent were ordered overseas as replacements to the 8th United States Army in Korea or to Army units in Europe or across the globe. 95% of Mississippi Army National Guard units were inducted into Federal Service for the Korean War.  Only two Army National Guard units were ordered overseas.

The 138th Pontoon Bridge Company, Picayune, Miss., saw action as part of the United Nations effort in Korea, being inducted into Federal Service on August 14, 1950, and arriving in Korea in early January 1951 (AGO Form 15). One of their notable contributions was the construction of a bridge over the River Han, built in less than 26 hours.

The 138th earned the following Korean battle streamers: First UN Counteroffensive, 16 Feb 51- 21 Apr 51; CCF Spring Offensive, 22 Apr 51 - 8 July 51; and UN Summer-Fall Offensive, 9 Jul 51 - 1 Nov 51. They were awarded a Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation for outstanding performance against the enemy from September 19, 1950, to June 22, 1952 (DA GO 41, 22 June 1955).  The unit's lineage is perpetuated through the 857th Engineer Company, which is still stationed in Picayune.

The 631st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, Hattiesburg, Miss., served in Europe as supporting artillery for the NATO army.

Most units were not ordered into combat, instead they remained stationed in the continental United States.

The most commonly known units called for up Korea service belonged to 31st Infantry Division (Dixie Division):

  • Headquarters, 31st Infantry Division (Mississippi Part)
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 31st Division Artillery
  • Medical Detachment, 31st Division Artillery
  • 114th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 932d Field Artillery Battalion
  • 155th Infantry Regiment
  • 106th Engineer Battalion
  • 106th Medical Battalion
  • 198th Tank Battalion
  • 31st Reconnaissance Company

Non-divisional units ordered into Federal Service were:

  • 631st Armored Field Artillery Battalion
  • 115th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
  • 114th Engineer Battalion
  • 138th Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company
  • 139th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
  • Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 213th Medical Battalion
  • 123d Medical Collecting Company
  • 854th Medical Collecting Company
  • 913th Medical Ambulance Company
  • 932d Medical Clearing Company
  • 101st Signal Radar Maintenance Unit

Additional information about the U.S. Army's role in the Korean War can be found at the U.S. Army Center for Military History.


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