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​Our mission is to provide Soldiers with Official Department of the Army Photographs. Upload and track the status of Official DA photos on the Department of the Army Photo Management Information System (DAPMIS). Provide photographs for special packets and soldier actions (Officer Candidate School, Green to Gold, Warrant Officer Application, Recruiting, and Soldier/NCO of the Month/Qtr. Boards, etc.) Provide Command (Head and Shoulders) photographs as needed.


Appointment times are 0800 to 1130 and 1300 to 1500 for all locations.

Appointments can be scheduled by signing on to the Visual Information Ordering System (VIOS), using your Common Access Card (CAC).

Cancelling or rescheduling of appointments must be done by contacting the DA Photo Studio in which you previously scheduled your appointment.

Download: VIOS Instructions (PDF)

Schedule your DA Photo (Common Access Card Login)

  Locations | Contacts
North Region

Camp McCain Training Center
Grenada, MS

3152 James H Biddy Road
Grenada, Mississippi
   Building S-105

Map with Directions

Phone: (662) 294-0071

Central Region

Information Management Office
Flowood, MS

144 Military Drive
Flowood, Mississippi
  Building 99F
Room 116

Map with Directions

Phone: (601) 313-1916

South Region

Camp Shelby Training Center
Camp Shelby, MS

6519 Warehouse Avenue
Camp Shelby, Mississippi
Building 6519


Phone: (601) 558-2835

  General Information

Photographs must be made with the Service Member in Army Service Uniform (ASU) wear out date 1 October 2027 or the Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU).

Accepting Your DA Photo:

Log into DAPMIS: 
(Note: After 3 business days the DA Photo will automatically update into DAPMIS if not manually accepted by Soldier)

An important step to take after accepting DA Photo:

After 24 hours of accepting your photo re-validate your ERB/ORB/SRB to update records so the most recent photo and date taken will update in the system.


​The DA Photo begins with the soldier. Taking the time to ensure your uniform is properly fitted and reflects only the awards and citations annotated on your ERB/ORB is the first step in creating a good DA Photo. Our photographers and staff can assist you by inspecting your uniform and pointing out obvious flaws, i.e., wrinkles, improper fit, damage…but it is your responsibility to ensure awards, decorations, unit crests and badges are worn correctly and match your ERB/ORB.

Click each image below for a printable version (PDF).

ASU - Officer


ASU - Officer - Male
ASU - Officer


ASU - Officer - Male
ASU - Enlisted


ASU - Officer - Male
ASU - Enlisted


ASU - Officer - Male
Ribbon Guide


Image 3

Army Regulation 640-30 states that Officer and NCO’s photos are valid for five (5) years. Three (3) years for General Officers. Policy allows soldiers to update their photo when they are awarded an Army Commendation Medal or higher, or there has been a significant change to the soldier’s appearance as outlined in AR 640-30. New unit patches, service stripes or awards lower than an ARCOM are not justifiable reasons for a new photo.

Only Authorized Visual Information (VI) activities may take official DA Photographs, as required by AR 640-30.

Digital files of “Official DA Photos” WILL NOT be issued to the customer.

Reshoots will only be done if images are damaged or if major discrepancies are identified, such as unacceptable levels of moiré or stair stepping in digital photographs. Photographers, Soldiers or anyone providing assistance to the Soldier while taking the official photograph will not stuff, clip, or otherwise change or alter the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly. Pockets, lapels and the front of the jacket may be taped.

Photographers will not alter the photograph, to include adding new rank, ribbons, stars or erasing waistlines or wrinkles by using photo imaging software such as cloning or healing tools.

Uniform Guidance




  • PERMANENT UNIT CITATIONS (only if the award is annotated on your ORB/ERB)
Uniform Specifications


  • Male Uniform - 1/8" Above pocket, 1/4" Above citations
  • Female Uniform - 1/2" Above nametag, 1/4" Above citations


  • Male Uniform – Centered between the top of the button and the top of the pocket
  • Female Uniform- Bottom of nametag is 1"-2" above the top button


  • 1st Award is the ribbon
  • 2nd Award is 2 bronze loops
  • 3rd Award is 3 bronze loops
  • 4th Award is 4 bronze loops
  • 5th Award is 5 bronze loops,
  • 6th Award is 1 silver loop, etc.


Campaign Star(s) must be worn in accordance w/ MILPER 08-123 & MILPER 10-078 which can be accessed below in the Resources section.



  Frequently Asked Questions
Will my photo be updated to my ERB/ORB/SRB for the board to view?

NO. the board does not pull an ERB/ORB/SRB with a visible photo for board proceedings, however the date still appears on your ERB/ORB/SRB.  Per MILPER 20-209, photos are not used by promotion boards.

Can the photographer edit my photo?

DODI 5040.02 zero tolerance policy on altering photographs must be strictly enforced. The multimedia visual information managers at all levels are responsible for enforcing this policy. Photographers can improve the contrast, color balance, and light levels electronically, but CANNOT alter the image in any way as to misrepresent the actual image. Active measures must be taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all official DA photographs. Therefore, a digital computer file, disk, or electronic copy WILL NOT be issued to the Soldier.

Can I have my D.A. Photo Redone? (Reshoots)

IAW Army policy, effective 18 SEP 2008, Soldiers will only be granted re-shoots if there was a mistake caused by the photographer or the equipment. The Soldier is responsible for ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly and that all ribbons/medals are correctly displayed for official military photographs. D.A. Photographers will not tape, stuff, or otherwise change or alter the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly. Requests for reshoots may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Sr. photographer or the V.I. Chief and will only be done if:

  1. Electronic images are damaged or if major discrepancies are identified, such as unacceptable levels of moiré or stair stepping in digital photographs within three days of the soldier's photo being taken.

  2. Promotion to next higher rank since last photo.

  3. When photograph on file no longer represents the soldier’s present appearance, i.e., weight control.

  4. Receipt of new award that is ARCOM or higher in the order of precedence.

The Soldier must provide a memorandum from their unit commander stating the reason for the reshoot (IE: wore the wrong ribbon, did not have the correct badge, etc.). Simply stating that a reshoot is needed ‘because of a board’ is not sufficient. No exceptions. Natural wrinkles from wearing of the uniform are acceptable and are not justification for a reshoot. Rejecting your electronic photo in DAPMIS does not guarantee a soldier the chance to have their photo retaken. Again, the Soldier is responsible for proper grooming, ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly and that all ribbons/medals are correctly displayed for official military photographs. Reasons such as these are not justification for a reshoot. Soldiers should FIRST check their ERB/ORB, and then set up their uniform, accordingly, followed by scheduling their appointment.

Command Photos for General Officers, Brigade-level commanders and CSMs?

The D.A. Photo Facility is authorized to photograph General Officer Management Office (GOMO) photographs for all General Officers and Chain of Command Board head & shoulder photographs for all brigade-level commanders and command sergeants major. These are done by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, visit the for information call the D.A. Photo Facility nearest to you. For the brigade-level commanders and CSMs you will need to provide your brigade colors at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment. Appropriate Class A, Army Service Uniform or Army Combat Uniform, with or without beret is acceptable for command photos.

How often should I update my Photo?

In accordance with Army Regulation 640-30 photos are valid for five (5) years. Unless you have had a significant change to your uniform, there is no reason to have one taken more frequently. The Camp McCain D.A. Photo Facility policy does allow for Soldiers to be photographed ONCE per year and recommends that Soldiers be photographed at least two months prior to their annual promotion board or on the anniversary date of their previous photo. AR 640-30 Photographs for Military Personnel Human Resources Files defines the requirement for Official Military Photographs as follows:

  1. The following personnel will have an initial photograph made within 60 days:

    • Each officer promoted to first lieutenant (includes officers accessed into active duty as first lieutenant or a higher rank.)

    • Warrant officers promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (CW2).

    • Noncommissioned officers promoted to SSG.

    • Initial appointment to Command Sergeant Major (CSM).

    • Selection for promotion to brigadier general or higher.

  2. Each soldier will have a periodic photograph taken (during the anniversary month of the previous photograph) per the following schedule:

    • General officers: every third year.

    • Officers and noncommissioned officers: every fifth year.

  3. Soldiers will update photographs when photographs on file no longer represent their present appearance. Promotion since last photo and weight control issues are examples of such representations. If you have not had any major changes to your uniform, you may only be photographed once per calendar year. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis and approved by the D.A. Photo Studio Sr. Photographer or the V.I. Chief only when accompanied by a memorandum requesting a reshoot. If you have added a new award to your uniform since your last photo, it must be ARCOM or higher to justify a reshoot within a year of your previous photo. New shoulder sleeve insignia (unit patch) added service stripes or added overseas service stripes (combat stripes) are not justification or reason to have another photo within one year from your previous photo. If you have questions, please feel free to ask the senior photographer.

What is DAPMIS?

The Department of the Army Photograph Management Information System (DAPMIS) is a web-enabled, e-business system that receives digitized official photographs from DOD worldwide photo studios. DAPMIS photos give greater ownership to individual Soldiers and ease of use to the personnel management system. This system supports all Soldiers, SSG thru COL (excluding WO1s and 2LTs) and is available for the Active Duty, Reserve Component and Army National Guard Soldiers. ** Effective 15 August 2005, photo studios will no longer issue hard-copy prints for records update/promotion to soldiers SSG thru COL, except soldiers in Troop Program Units. Photo studios will upload all official photos taken of soldiers Staff Sergeant through Colonel, excluding second lieutenants and WO1s into DAPMIS.

Soldiers below the rank of staff sergeant as well as 2LTs & WO1s who need an official photo for reasons other than promotion will receive a hard copy print for their application. They will not be loaded into DAPMIS. DAPMIS is only for promotions for SSG-COL. (Excluding 2LTs and WO1s)

I do not see my photo on DAPMIS. Does this mean that my photo is not on file?

NO. It just means that a copy of your electronic photo is not in the DAPMIS photo repository. It does not mean that HDQA does not have a photo of you on file. It is important to understand that the preview of the photo is optional. If you do not login to the web site to review and accept/reject your photo within three business days, the new photo will automatically be accepted as your Official D.A. Photo. To confirm receipt of electronic photo via DAPMIS, contact the Photo Studio you visited.

What happens if I do not Accept/Reject the photo within 3 business days?

It is important to understand that the preview of the photo is OPTIONAL. If you do not login into the website to review and or accept/reject your photo within three business days, the new photo will automatically be accepted as your Official Photo. Requests for reshoots of Official D.A. Photos will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Sr. Photographer or the V.I. Chief and will only be done if they meet the above-mentioned criteria for reshoots then you must schedule a new appointment date. If you accidentally rejected your current photo, please notify the D.A. Photo Studio, and they will be happy to resubmit it for you.

Submitting a Special Application and or Nominative Packet?

All Soldiers completing special application packets that require an official military photo will be issued only the required number of hardcopy photographs for their packets. Second Lieutenants, Warrant Officer Ones and Soldiers below the rank of SSG will NOT have their photo uploaded into DAPMIS.

What other photographs does your local photo lab provide?
  1. Command Photos for Service Members in leadership roles
  2. Official Passport Photos
  3. Isolated Personnel Photo (ISOPREP) - (Please contact your local photo studio for support)

    To schedule one of the above (except ISOPREP), please go here:
Can I have my Official Photo taken off post?

NO. The Department of the Army regulates the content and format of the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). There are distinct parameters of what can and cannot be submitted for inclusion in the OMPF. The D.A. Photo is an official part of the OMPF. Only Defense Visual Information Activity facilities, such as the Camp McCain Dept. of the Army Photo Facility, may produce official D.A. Photos. Official photos are marked with a federally assigned Defense Visual Information Activity number, which may not be duplicated or used in any way by another facility or establishment by law. D.A. Photos taken at off post establishments are a violation of the Army policy and will be rejected for inclusion in the Soldier’s records.

Can you upload a photo into DAPMIS for me that I had taken at another facility?

NO. In accordance with Army policy, the D.A. Photo Studio can only upload images taken at their facility. Photos taken at other studios must be uploaded by the studio it was taken at. If you had a photo taken at a facility that is not authorized to upload images into DAPMIS, you will have to have your photo re-done at our studio if you want it sent to DAPMIS.

Is it a good idea to be photographed following a pay-day activity inspection?

NO. The photo studio does not recommend having your official photo taken on the same day as pay-day activities. It is recommended that you have your photo taken with a crisp, clean uniform that is free of wrinkles from extended wear in formation and/or while riding in a car. You should have your uniform pressed and carry it to the studio so you will look your best. It is obvious to the staff of the photo studio when a Soldier arrives following pay-day activities versus those who have not. Although it might seem convenient, we highly discourage having your photo taken after pay-day activities.



1410 Riverside Drive

Jackson, MS 39232

(601) 313-6764