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​​The Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities has primary responsibilities for: staff management and coordination of state personnel, technician personnel; postal operations, post regulation publication and distribution, community activities, Camp Shelby Club activities, Central Post Fund disbursement and management; and as direct liaison between the unit and the training site DPCA. It also serves as the point of contact for unit awards processing and presentation. The Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities is sincerely concerned with providing assistance in the areas listed above and value our customers in these areas.


Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
Camp Shelby, MS 39407

Direct Contacts

DPCA (Unit)
Phone: (601) 558-2419

Camp Shelby Clubs
Phone: (601) 558-2749

Phone: (601) 558-2246

Central Post Fund
Phone: (601) 558-2113

Special Services
Phone: (601) 558-2397

Armed Forces Museum
Phone: (601) 558-2757

Timber Fund Activities
Phone: (601) 558-2903


1410 Riverside Drive

Jackson, MS 39232

(601) 313-6764